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Color Cast Removal

A color cast image is an image with a tint of a particular color, usually undesirable, which affects the whole of a photographic image evenly.

The reason behind having this unwanted tint of a particular color in the image can be certain types of light which can cause film and digital cameras to have a color cast. In general, the human eye does not notice the unnatural color, as our eyes and brain adjust and compensate for different types of light in ways that cameras cannot.

Other reasons for color cast can be due to the lighting, the white balance of the video camera, or the type of film stock used given the lighting conditions during the shoot,unfavorable weather conditions,artificial lightings, overcast skies etc. Color casts exist because one or more color channels are inappropriately strong or weak. Furthermore, color casts aren't usually uniform across an entire image. Often, color casts are stronger in one portion of the image (such as the highlights) and weaker or nonexistent in others (the shadows, for example)

Why choose FIXXGROUP for correcting casts and the profits you get from the same:

A Color cast image can become a great disadvantage for real estate agents. If the agents seek the help of Fixxgroupexperts for color cast removal they can gain great benefits as this technical process will lead to supreme quality real estate images from the existing images .Correcting casts is more than just a technology, it requires a lot of experience and talent to convert the color cast affected images into high quality realistic images. To fix the color cast we first need to understand the color wheel. When you look at a photo, or part of a photo, and say "There's something wrong with the color", then you need to be able to do two things

(1) Identify the problem color; and

(2) Identify the adjacent or opposing color that will fix it.

Some casts are easy to identify, others are harder. Also there are two types of casts: cast in neutrals and cast in colors

Like everything about digital imaging, all this requires a lot of patience and practice which our FIXXGROUP team members are very good at! We provide high quality Image Editing. Our state of the art studious, software, and highly experienced and expert artists/professionals deliver the quality as per your specifications on time

The services offered by us are economical and easy on pocket. Outsourcing Color cast removal services to FIXXGROUP can hugely minimize your operational costs and also adds advantage to your business

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