Drone Image Editing

Drone Image Editing Services

Over the past few decades, digital photography has taken new level and it is replaced by traditional photography techniques. As new digital photography methods are available in the current market, people like to use digital mediums more when compared to traditional ones. Drone Photography is one of the latest & popular techniques used by almost industries like real estate, wedding photography and tourism industry. The main reason why drone photography used more is, it has provided a new perspective to the way images are clicked.

For Marketing & Promotional purposes, large and small scale companies use drone images since it has more advantages towards their business. We at Fixx group provide Drone Image Editing Services by using latest image editing techniques and deliver the best industry output to uplift your business growth.

Aerial Image Editing Services

Though Drone photography has lot of advantages, it is being used by various industry people since it enable us to capture wide-range aerial shots, and provide distinctive perspective to the ordinary images and convert them to look classy images. Many of the business owners experienced the benefits of drone images, and they are using it for promoting their products or services.

Sometimes the weather and other factors will not be favourable on a particular day and it is suited for clicking superior drone images. In those situations our professional image editing team will help you to edit the images in a more memorable way.

Below we have listed the different types of aerial photo editing services providing by us to our customers:

Drone Image Color Cast Removal: Our Team of image editing experts will tone down or remove the unwanted color cast from your drone images. To achieve this, we use latest technologies & trends and deliver the quality drone images without any color cast.

Drone Images Color Correction: There are few occasions where the Drone images which you have shooted is not upto the expected results; sometimes it loses the originality of the images and appears in different color. We at Fixx Group will take care of the color correction on your drone photos and deliver you the professional look photos without losing its original nature.

Drone Photos Hue/Saturation/ Level Adjustments: In few cases, the drone images which you have taken will not be 100% perfect as your expected; In such situations we assist you to adjust the various aspects of the images such as saturation,hue, and level adjustments.

Drone Image Perspective Correction: Some of the real estate drone images which you have shooted may have some perspective distortions problem; either it may be vertical or horizontal distortions. In such cases the entire structure may titled and we correct those distortion issues and provide you the final output with professional look.

Sky Color Change & Replacement Work: On few occasions, in some of the drone images taken by you is not so attractive because of the dull appearance of the sky in the image background. We at Fixx group, helps you to change such sky colour to get better look in the background. We can process the sky color change and replace it with good looking vibrant background image which best suits with the original image.

360- Degree Drone Image Panorama Creation: In Few situations you may not have drone camera to capture the desired panorama view of the landscape. In such occasions, our fixx group experts helps you to create a stunning panorama image by stitching different images providing a 360- degree view of the place.

360-Degree Virtual Tours: Our Fixx group expert team provides 360-degree virtual tour of the place using the drone images with more realistic view.

HDR Image Editing: When a HDR Image shoot by you using your drone camera, it needs to be edited carefully. This task is carefully handled by Fixx group experts in more professional way with natural look.

Drone Photo Day to Night Conversion: Usually when you shoot images at night time, the background looks dark environment. We at Fixx group help you in convert the images shot in the day and make them appear as if they were at night.

Drone Image Blending: In Some cases you may have taken drone images in the same location with different exposures and need to blend them. In such cases our team of image editing expert team has required skills to blend such images and deliver the best possible results to you.

Narrow Shadow Editing: In some of the images shot using drone camera, the shadows may not appear significantly. These shadow related issues are properly handled by our expert team and they will convert the images as natural ones

Drone Photo Density Correction: Sometimes the pixel density of your drone images does not come up as your expected; In such cases we can make photo density correction and provide you professional look and feel to such images.

Following are the process we follow in Drone Image Editing Services:

Step:1:Firstly we will ask the clients to upload their drone photos shooted by them via FTP

Step:2:Secondly, We will download the files and our expert team edit the images in a professional way.

Step:3:Once the images are edited, then our quality expert team will check for perfection.

Step:4:After the testing is done by our expert team, we will send the images to client for review or feedback.

Step:5:If client sends any feedback then we will incorporate the changes in drone images

Step:6:As a final step, We will send the final image to client to meet their desired needs.

Tools We use for Drone Photo Editing Services:

We at Fixx group use advanced and latest software tools in image editing process. We can process various format of images such as JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PSD,DXG and CAD using ISO standards for quality. We also ensure that the drone images edited by our team is of high quality and professional.

Some of the tools that we use for image editing are –

  • Adobe Photoshop CS6
  • CorelDraw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Photoshop CC
  • Wacom Tablet
  • PTGui

Why to Choose Fixx Group For Drone Image Editing?

Following are the specialities in Choosing Fixx Group for Drone Image editing services:

  1. High Quality Results
  2. Dedicated and Professional team of experts
  3. Quality Services at affordable cost
  4. Use Cutting-edge technologies for Image editing Services
  5. High Data Security and Confidentiality
  6. Deliver the results within quick turnaround time
  7. Better Flexibility

Outsource Drone Image Editing Services and get benefits from us:

At Fixx Group, With the help of our image editing expert team we provide post processing and photo editing services for industries like real estate, photography etc.. We always understand the client requirements clearly and deliver the best results as per the client expectations. For the past few years we are providing Drone image editing services to our clients across the globe.

We provide cost effective solutions and help them to focus on their core competencies and increase their overall revenue generated. Our results are accurate and of high quality. If you looking for reliable outsource partner for drone photo editing services then you search ends up at here.