Ecommerce Product Retouching

Ecommerce Product Retouching

In e commerce industry, product photos are more important and it can speak thousand of words to the customers. Any online venture require stunning and good looking product images in their online shop, so that it can induces the user attention and enable them to buy a product through online. Normal users cannot able to touch and view in real time via online. So its a duty for the ecommerce site owners or a online retailers to have a high quality and well optimized images from a reliable ecommerce product editing services.

Most of the photographs taken are not suitable for publishing; It needs an expert hand in editing each photographs to have stunning and professional look images. We at Fixx Group take care of this work and deliver you the good quality images product images.

We have been providing Ecommerce product photo editing and retouching services over the past few years. We worked with different clients to a wide range such as jewelry, apparel, furniture, automobile, food, real estate , fashion industries and many more..Under these services we usually remove unnecessary backgrounds, bad lighting,distractions and color defects from the actual images and ensuring the perfect photos at the end.


Product Photo Editing Services:

Fixx Group Product Photo Editing services includes color corrections, contrast adjustments and image cropping services. We understand client requirements clearly and know very well how to deliver the best photos and ensure that that the right angles are chosen for a best view. We will remove blemishes, sunburns, spots in the photographs you provided via product retouching services.

eCommerce Image Clipping Services:

Fixx Group Ecommerce Image Clipping Services includes the following:

Image Isolation/Extraction: We make sure that the images we deliver have perfect clarity and outlines.

Hiding the ‘Neck’: This technique we mainly use for clothing stores. Our expert team of ecommerce product editing professionals helps you in providing mannequin photo editing, cutout and manipulation services with their creative minds. We also ensure that the clothing images we deliver are visible in the most flattering light!

Clipping Path with Original Shadow: Our product image editing services team will use advanced blending techniques to create shadows and a sense of depth.

eCommerce Image Creation: We will create internet ready images of all sizes (thumbnail, zoom or custom defined) from your original image for use in your web store!

Photo Enhancement Services:

Our photo enhancement services includes image cropping, background enhancement and color correction services which is described below:

Image Cropping: Under Image Cropping we remove unwanted background or elements and provide you attractive images at the time of delivery

Background Enhancement: Based on the client requirements we can convert the black and white photographs into beautiful and colorful stunning images

Color Correction: We at Fixx group provide color correction that includes restoring the color of the images , while balancing the brightness and contrast of digital images.

Product Image Batch Processing/Resizing Services:

Our Product Image editing professionals can resize,crop large volume of images with ease. Also they make sure that all the photos they deliver are web optimized and will pay attention to the image dimensions, size, file format and naming conventions.

Product Background Removal:

Sometimes there may be situation arise, where the background of your images does not reflect the nature of the objects in the images and we at fixx group will take care of this issues with ease. Our retail photo editing services team will replace or otherwise change image backgrounds without affecting the overall quality of your image.