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HDR Blending

Services like mask blending and HDR have gained immense popularity among professional photographers. HDR (High Dynamic Range) is a technique wherein multiple exposures are combined for producing well lit and vibrant images. It can capture a dynamic range which is much greater in comparison to a standard camera.

Significance of HDR Image Blending services

Real estate agents, photographers, retailors, dealers, builders can attract buyers by using flawless images in the advertisement’s. The images used hold vital importance for the business.

Even when professional photographers are hired to capture the images , the images taken may not be impeccable. With the use of right tools by trained professionals one can transform an image with minor ,quite imperfections to stunning, attractive, and eye catching photographs..

High-dynamic-range (HRD) is a set of techniques used to reproduce a greater dynamic range of luminosity than is possible with standard digital imaging or photographic techniques. The aim is to present the human eye with a similar range of luminance as that which, through the visual system, is familiar in everyday life. The human eye, through adaptation of the iris (and other methods) adjusts constantly to the broad dynamic changes ubiquitous in our environment. The brain continuously interprets this information so that most of us can see in a wide range of light conditions. Most cameras, on the other hand, cannot.

HDR software is designed to manipulate an image and give it increased dynamic range. By blending a single image at different exposures, HDR photographers are able to successfully give your images more depth and clarity. Every pixel jumps off the page, and the final photo is one that will easily draw the eye of the buyer and boost interest in the property.

The process is fairly complex, which is why it is important to let trained professionals handle your HDR photography.

The BIG benefits of image blending services

Why Fixxgroup ??

Look no further - Fixxgroup can be your best partner for HDR Image blending services as Fixxgroup can provide you the quality solutions that will certainly meet your needs.

We have dedicated and skillful professionals to provide quality HDR blending and correction so that specular, striking image of your property is gained.

The experts at Fixxfroup blend your real estate images and provide results in various formats like CR2,TIFF, JPEG, etc. The quality of the images is maintained by our professionals. Your visitors can take a closer view at the images and see the details of your property without getting the pixels damaged.

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