HDR Editing/Blending Service

HDR Blending & Editing Services

With High advancement in Digital Camera Technology, HDR (High Dynamic Range) Imaging is still a frequent issue for users on a daily basis. It is more difficult and time consuming process to make your camera as capable as your eyes. The best possible solution to this problem is to find a experienced partner like Fixx Group for your HDR Editing and blending services. This way you can save a lot of money and you will get more relaxation. We at fixx group blends several photos( taken from different exposures) together into one image.

For experts like Fixx Group it can take more than hour or so in editing a single HDR image more effectively. But few photo editing providers still use some automated HDR software for HDR Blending and Editing services. We never use these shortcuts or automated softwares which typically results in poor look and feel of digital images. We at Fixx Group knew very well that the HDR Photography is an art form and we emphasize the human element by manually processing all images.

Interior Photography for real estate is the best real time example of business situations that will benefit from superior quality HDR Blending and Editing Services. We are happy to assist and discuss with you more in detail about our HDR Blending & editing services.


Fixx Group’s HDR Blending & Editing Services

We at Fixx Group Offer High Quality & Advanced HDR Blending & Editing Services to its customers all over the world. We provide following types of services in HDR Blending and Editing Works.

Image Stitching: Our team of Image Editing Experts can take few high contrast photos taken at different exposures and stitch into one beautiful image.

Color Correction: Here, our HDR editing team provide special attention towards your project ,and helps you to create a stunning beautiful image with high accuracy rather than having over saturated colors on it. We never use automated softwares like few photo editing companies and ensure that the final output is of high quality.

Image Bracketing: We undergo image bracketing services to our clients by combining several images taken at varying resolutions into single beautiful perfect photo.

Ghosting Correction: Our in-house image editing experts uses advanced softwares and tools in creating sharp images with proper images line-up, and correcting blurry and ghost like effects on images.

Sharpening: As a final touch, Our Fixx Group Editors team add additional effects and required sharpening on HDR Photographs to make it visually stunning.

Perspective Correction: Adjusting the vertical lines of walls, buildings, and other structures.

Benefits of Outsourcing HDR Blending and Editing Services to Fixx Group

Following are the Benefits of Outsourcing HDR Blending and Editing Services to Fixx Group.

Highly Skilled HDR Blending & Editing Experts: At Fixx Group, We have a dedicated team of HDR blending and editing experts who can provide high quality HDR blending services through manual processing instead of using automated softwares. We can create images with stunning look without having any fake or over processed appearance.

Easily Accessible & Quick Response: Our HDR Blending Experts will work both on day and night shifts and frequently get in touch with you for fulfilling your HDR Editing Assignments or requirements. They will communicate with you without any delays and provide quick response.

Cutting-Edge Technologies: We at Fixx Group use highly advanced software in-house for all your image editing needs. You dont need to invest in buying a software for your HDR blending work. Once you outsource your HDR Blending and editing services to us, you can concentrate on other works, while Fixx group gets the job done.

Capable of Handling Other Image Editing Needs: If you outsource your HDR Blending & Editing services to us, then you don’t need to feel for your other image editing needs.Becoz Here at Fixx group provide all sorts of image editing services and it is easy for you to get all services done under one group, resulting in a simpler process for you and your internal team.

Vast Experience with real estate professionals all over the word: We at Fixx Group have worked with many real estate industry clients all over the world and expertised in providing HDR blending services and other real estate related services. We know the importance of real estate industry very well and use to deliver the best possible outputs to them as per their needs.

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