Jewelry Photo Retouch

Jewelry Photo Retouching Services

For Most of the photographers it is daunting task to capture the jewelry photographs without any imperfections on it. This involves removal of odd reflections from jewels, dust, color casts, properly using mannequins and many more.. For marketing and promotional activities online businesses need the perfect jewelry photos, and it can be quite difficult in editing the pictures. They require professional jewelry photo retouching service providers who can capable of removing any imperfections or distractions on the photographs and deliver the best quality output.

We at Fixx group ensure that best -class jewelry image retouching services to all our customers globally at cost-effective prices. We offer wide range of jewelry photo retouching services aimed to provide high quality and best output results.


Our Jewelry Photo Retouching Services:

At Fixx Group, we look into your jewelry photographs every time and make it necessary changes to make it better. Sometimes few of the jewelry photos looks out of focus and here & there some distractions will be present which makes the photos unprofessional.

We ensure that all such jewelry photographs are ready to be used for print purposes, whether promotional or exhibitory, while ensuring they look picture perfect and are visually arresting in nature.

Our specialized jewelry photo retouching services include –

Scratch & Dust Removal: We at Fixxgroup remove the appearance of scratches and dust in the photographs and make sure that the jewelry parts in the images look spotless. We cleanup scratches and wear in the jewelry image photographs in more professional and artistic way.

Shine Enhancement: In general Jewelery grabs the attention of viewers and it is our duty to capture the photos nicely when being clicked; With our shine enhancement services, we make sure that jewelry in the photos looks shining and lustrous. Sometimes using high end cameras also it very difficult for you to capture the shine and gloss of the jewelry properly. But here at Fixx group using photo processing stage we can add it effortlessly.

Background & Mannequin Removal: Fixx Group Provides professional background removal services by clearing the unwanted elements in the photographs which may distract the user attention. Sometimes the appearance of a mannequin can affect the entire image quality. So we offer we offer specialized background removal services or replacement of jewelery to provide appealing photos at affordable costs.

Focus Stacking: Under Focus stacking services, we can combine two or more pictures and deliver you one good image with the entire piece of jewelry in focus. Also we make sure that your final image should not have any blurred elements as we use to completely remove it during this process.

Image Combination: In few cases, there may be situation that we need to combine different jewelry shots or pieces from various photos and combine into one.We offer the same kind of work under image combination services where we combine different pictures into one so as to provide all the required jewelry pieces in one single image.

Jewelry Recoloring Services: We deliver world and best class solutions for all your photo editing services. Depending on the defects on your images, our team of professionals will take care of required actions , and get rid of all problems in it. Some of the techniques to enhance your photography are listed below,

Benefits of Jewelry Photo Retouching at FixxGroup:

Following are the benefits you get if you outsource your jewelry photo retouching services to Fixx Group:

  1. High quality & Professional services that can turn your ordinary images to look high end.
  2. Having highly skilled professionals with relevant expertise in providing jewelry photo retouching services.
  3. Low cost and high value guaranteed.
  4. We never compromise on the quality of the services and ensure fastest turnaround times.
  5. Utilizing advanced & latest software tools and technologies for all photo editing needs.
  6. High end security and confidentiality.

Outsource Jewelry Photo Retouching Services to Fixx Group Now:

Fixxgroup has provided jewlery photo retouching services to different clients across the globe. We establishment a good name in this industry because of our dedicated and committed work ability. We provide specialized jewelry photo retouching process and remove all the imperfections on jewelry photographs. Also we make sure that the look and feel of jewelry pieces we deliver will impress your potential buyers and it induces them to buy your product or services.

Contact us today to know more about our jewelry photo retouching services or to discuss your photo editing requirements. Our executives will get in touch with you to assist you with all your queries and requisites.