Photo Montage Service

Photo Montage Services

Photomontage is a combination of photos or their fragments that have been artistically united. Nowadays photomontages are increasing day by day because of the high demand in the industry. This photo montage process involves the combination and rearranging of two or more images,replacing or changing the background and enhancing the lighting, appearance,, color and tone of the images etc.

We at Fixx group collide music clips, images and videos together to create stunning photo montages in more professional way and realistic manner. We work for different people such as photographers who working on art projects, businesses that needs images for marketing and promotional activities, families looking to create a lasting memory etc.. We deliver photo montage services to a wide range from small companies to large enterprises and ensure that your project will be completed on time with high quality and complete satisfaction.


In general Photomontage services involves so much of work and it consumes more time and effort. Sometimes it could be tedious if not done properly. Our team of photo editing professionals can produce stunning photo montages with high professional quality. Their skills include:

  1. Capable of merging 3D renders and photographs in more professional and realistic manner.
  2. Ability to blend pictures while ensuring cohesiveness.
  3. Ability to create 3D rendering montages for a variety of architectural projects.

Our Photo Montage Services Include:

  • Image Collages
  • 3D Photomontage
  • CGI Photomontage
  • CAD Images Photomontage
  • Architectural Photomontages
  • Video Photomontage
  • DVD and Blu-ray Photomontage
  • Digital Photo Collage
  • Wedding and Reception Photomontage
  • Birthday Image Montage

Why Use our Image Montage Solutions?

At Fixx Group, our team of well-trained photo editing experts are utilizing latest image editing software and tools and regularly updating themselves with current and upcoming methods and techniques. This way they ensure clients the best possible output as per their expectations. We undergo photo montage services by combining two or more images and adjusting the brightness,color and contrast and provide you the best & high quality output at the end.

Though we follow streamlined process, we ensure that the project is completed without any issues and deliver within stipulated time frame. We deliver you the final output in various formats based on your requirements and needs.

Benefits of Choosing Fixx Group Photo Montage Services:

At Fixx group, we created strong relationship with clients we worked, and they love to outsource their montage services to us in a long-term motive. We provide timely, accurate, and cost-effective services to our global clients. As we have worked for various image montage projects, we do have high-confidence and strong experience in providing photo montage solutions to all our customers.Some of the reasons why you should choose Fixx Group as your partner include –

  1. High Quality Output Guaranteed as per your expectations
  2. Cost -effective photo editing services
  3. Packed with highly skilled and well-trained professionals
  4. Well-expertised in combining 3D renders with photographs to deliver you stunning photographs
  5. Vast Experience in Image montage, blending 3D renderings, interior renders, photorealistic renders, architectural illustrations etc for architectural companies.
  6. Ability to customize our services as per your needs and working on niche projects such as animation photomontage, custom cropped photo montage, video and photo montage, etc

Outsource Image Montage Services to Fixx Group:

Our Photo montage services includes not only mixing two or more images and also involves the method of compositing multiple images by replacing different backgrounds and adding new ones. We know the importance of photo montage services and their impact on your businesses. So we always ensure that you will get a high quality professional output at the time of delivery.

Contact us right away to outsource photomontage services and other high-quality image editing services and benefit by partnering with a truly international service provider!