Real Estate Video Tour

In General Real Estate videos plays an important role among the potential buyers to illustrate the realistic view of the property details from start to finish. However in some cases those videos needs to edited in a professional way to serve their purpose. If you edit your real estate videos properly then there is more chance that potential buyers attract with unique and distinctive facts such as sound, narration of the property. It tend the buyers to buy the real estate property which you are selling. Since this real estate video editing services consumes more time and effort it is smart idea to outsource real estate video editing services to an professional video editing company like fixx group who provides valuable services at affordable costs.

Fixx Group Real Estate Video Editing Services:

We at fixx group provide comprehensive real estate video editing services which is as follows:-

Shot Sequencing:Sometimes, videos provided by clients is not so clear and shots might not be sequenced in raw footages. We at fixx group have team of photo editing professionals will sequence the shots in the footage to come up with clear and compelling videos.

Unwanted Footage Removal: Sometimes in videos, there could be some minute videos which may spoil the entire video and add not any value to it. We will remove these unwanted footages, unclear shots or extra minutes from your videos and deliver you the best industry videos with stunning look and feel.

Stabilizing Shaky Footages: While moving from one place to another sometimes there may be shaky appearance in the footages while shooting the property videos. Such kind of shaky footages can be removed and cleaned up by fixx group team and we deliver you clear stable video at the end.

Background Noise Removal: One of the main & common problem with raw footages is presence of unwanted background noise. Such kind of noises is due to wind, traffic, or from any other source. So we at fixx group we eliminate such unwanted background noise from your videos and deliver the best quality output.

Enhancements and Recovery:You should not worry in situations where you have your videos in legacy format or distorted video data. We at Fixx group utilizing advanced video enhancement and recovery services and clear all your problems. Our video editing experts carry out VHS tape recovery, video scaling, distortion removal very efficiently.

Defective Pixel Correction: Sometimes the cameras which you use to capture real estate videos have defective pixel problems which can affect the quality of the videos. We at fixx group solve such issues or flaws in your real estate videos by provide high quality defective pixel correction services.

Color Corrections and Adjustments:Even if you real estate videos is well-shot, some times the background or surrounding areas looks very dull. This can directly impact the overall quality of the videos and the actual highlight of the property might not showcased. We at fixx group in such cases cleanup the videos by making necessary color corrections and adjustments and highlight the key features of the real estate properties.

Effects and Enrichments: Though you videos are well shooted and looks fine, still there are few effects and enrichments to be added to attract the potential buyers in buying those real estate properties. We at fixx group can add such effects and enrichments to your real estate videos such as add sounds or subtitles, music tracks and special sounds etc to produce a appealing videos.

As real estate industry is in high demand nowadays, it is better to create high quality real estate video in order to compete with our competitors. In such cases you need a professional help such as fixx group to enhance the quality of your real estate videos even better. We also offer a variety of real estate video editing services including real estate drone video editing services.

Benefits of Outsourcing Real Estate Video Editing Services to Fixx Group:

Following are the benefits you get if you outsource real estate video editing services to fixx group:

  1. Highly Skilled Professionals: We at fixx group have a well expertised and highly skilled professionals who are capable to work on different video formats. They first understand your requirements thoroughly and based on that they can create stunning real estate videos by promising aspects of your properties.
  2. State-of-the-art Infrastructure: We have strong infrastructure in house including high-speed Internet with fast bandwidth.
  3. Utilization of Latest Tools: Our video editing professionals utilize latest tools and technologies while editing the videos. Few of the most latest tools we use include Edius pro, Final Cut pro etc.. Also we can edit your videos on any software of your choice.
  4. High Quality Standards Maintenance