Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging Services

If you are owner of real estate company, furniture store, or interior design firm you always have an intention and goal in showing potential buyer the complete details of the home or property. As a business owner, you have to showcase the images in such a way that it can induce the clients to buy or purchase it.

Virtual Staging Services helps in selling the dream house and have the ability to furnish the property digitally and make it look like it’s already a home. We at Fixx Group have well-trained and highly skilled professionals who are capable of delivering the virtual staging solutions with excellent visual appealing and at affordable costs.


Why Virtual Staging with Fixx Group?

We at Fixx Group provide virtual staging services to global customers and it’s an ideal choice for any organization or firm that works with home furnishings and real estate images. We work with different clients from various industries such as real estate photography companies, furniture superstores, real estate agencies or those who need multiple & staged images in-order to attract their potential customers.

Virtual Staging is essentially required for any business who needs and work with inspiration.

Real Estate Companies: People use to surf the internet before they buy or purchase any real estate properties . In those cases, it is necessary to upload house images in artistic and natural and it plays an important role in the sales process. If you upload good quality images online then there is more positive impact on your business growth.

Furniture Stores: Showcase your furniture in an actual home. Let your images spark the imagination of those that are shopping for new home furnishings, and possibly give you an opportunity to upsell your customers through digital images.

Interior Design Companies: We at fixx group showcase interior designing ideas and plans before potential buyers purchase any real estate property.

For all these types of visual markets, Fixx Group Virtual staging services are specifically designed. Your Real estate photographs have personality and character by placing the furniture that you select inside photos of vacant houses. Our trained and well-trained photo editing experts work on your photographs and ensure that we need more value to your images among the potential customers.

Our Virtual Staging Service Process:

One of the main reasons why many real estate companies hire Fixx group for virtual staging services is because our process is quick and more efficient.

  1. Define scope of work, Ensure complete details available
  2. Indication of time, resources and pricing
  3. Project Manager sets up team and resources
  4. Receive drawings from client, Understand concept
  5. Team presents 2D drawings and concepts to detailed 3D models
  6. Texture and color added, Light properties defined
  7. Share outputs with Client, gather feedback related to design
  8. Changes according to client inputs, Clean up Furniture Model, Undergo thorough quality check
  9. Render and generated 3D Furniture model
  10. Edit Final 3D furniture model, Share using client preferred method

We have a team of highly skilled CAD Professionals in-house for your virtual staging services and deliver the best quality output. On the other side we also work on the CAD tools clients preferring us to use. Before we deliver the work, our quality team will check for proper execution on client requirements. We at Fixx Group stand out from our competitors in quality work and delivery and provide affordable solutions.

Why to Outsource Virtual Real Estate Staging Services:

Following are the reasons why to Outsource Virtual Real Estate Staging Services to Fixx Group:

  • Highly Experienced and well-Trained image manipulators
  • Regularly Updating with latest tools and software technologies
  • Use a combination of CAD Professionals to become the premiere source for virtual staging, real estate image editing, and 2D Floor plan conversions.
  • Cost-Effective solutions and timely work

Find out more about our Real Estate 360 Degree Virtual Tours. Just imagine the satisfaction of a prospective customer when breathtaking interiors of a real estate property are displayed.